Five Benefits of Hiring a Personal Support Worker

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Five Benefits of Hiring a Personal Support Worker

When living with a severe physical injury or chronic illness, the simplest of tasks can become overwhelmingly challenging. Not only do patients struggle with fundamental responsibilities like daily personal hygiene and housekeeping tasks, but they also tend to have issues with their mental health and emotional stresses.

It’s very common that patients who are struggling with physical injuries have an appointed primary caregiver – likely a close friend or family member – who is available to assist with the everyday management of their life. The challenge we’ve come to see is that when these caregivers have a competing responsibility come up, they often experience a deep feeling of guilt for leaving their loved one unattended.

In this blog article, we’re sharing five reasons why hiring a Personal Support Worker (PSW) for a loved one or for yourself will have a great impact on all aspects of one’s daily life.

1. They Assist with Important Healthcare Tasks

In many cases when a patient is living without a caregiver, they begin to forget about their daily healthcare essentials. This includes things like forgetting to take their medication at a specific time, eating, drinking enough water, and potentially even struggling to move from room to room or going to the washroom. Hiring a PSW means that patients will receive fully customized, one-on-one support with all their daily essential activities, but more importantly, someone will be there to help with all of the necessities required to continue living a comfortable life.

2. They Complete Essential Errands

More common tasks practiced by Personal Support Workers include taking on daily errands, including grocery shopping and meal preparation. Doing these types of activities helps to alleviate the stress for those with severe injuries and illnesses as well as for any other caregivers, ensuring that healthy choices are being made while following the patients’ individualized healthcare plan.

3. They Help You Feel More At Ease

Another main benefit of hiring a PSW is their ability to observe the patient throughout the day, and yes, even during the night. This will certainly help loved ones feel more at ease when they can’t be there, hopefully reducing any additional stress and anxiety for everyone involved. A PSW can also be there to observe any changes or potential shifts in behaviour, attitude, or overall health, and will also be trained on how to assist and react in each situation.

4. They Can Provide Transportation

It’s mandatory for a PSW to carry a driver’s license, and for good reason. Many patients who suffer from severe illnesses and physical injuries don’t drive themselves, so having access to a PSW is important when it comes to making it to appointments on time. Whether it’s a casual social get-together, an appointment at the doctor’s office, or running errands, a PSW will be able to ensure the patient is safe, on time, and taken care while on the road.

5. They Offer Emotional Support and Companionship

Last but not least, Personal Support Workers are in the business of care. They are compassionate providing emotional support and companionship for their patients. As previously mentioned, it’s not only physical health that is important for maintaining a comfortable life – it’s essential that a patient is in a healthy state of mind to assist on the road of recovery. A PSW can be compassionate towards those who might be suffering from feelings of loneliness, and abandonment. And in addition to providing care, they can also be a friend with an empathetic ear who can provide good company.

To conclude, Personal Support Workers work with clients to create a plan of action specifically customized to individual needs. Every day they specialize in helping clients feel more comfortable and at ease by providing services for managing physical disabilities and supporting healthcare requirements with genuine compassion.

After reading this article, do you think that hiring a Personal Support Worker may be able to help you or someone you know? Learn more about this service here. With experienced and compassionate team members, you can trust Transitions Healthcare + Rehabilitation to provide compassionate, professional service for you and your loved ones.